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Summer 2009

May: I am very pleased to report that the 2009 Fulkerson Prize will be awarded to a four-person research team:
  • Maria Chudnovsky - Columbia
  • Neal Robertson - Ohio State
  • Paul Seymour - Princeton
  • Robin Thomas - Georgia Tech
Robin of course is a Professor here in the School of Mathematics and serves as Director of the Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization interdisciplinary Ph.D. program.

Robin and his colleagues are being recognized for their paper: The Strong Perfect Graph Theorem, Annals of Mathematics Vol. 164 (2006), 51-229, in which they resolved the long-standing conjecture of Claude Berge: A graph is perfect if and only if it contains an odd hole or the complement of an odd hole as an induced subgraph (an odd hole is an odd cycle on five or more vertices).

The Fulkerson Prize is sponsored jointly by the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Programming Society. This year's prize, including a $1500 cash award, will be presented at the opening session of the 20th International Symposium on Mathematical Programming in Chicago, on August 23, 2009.

As some of you will know, Neal, Paul and Robin also shared the 1994 Fulkerson Prize, and it is very rare to have repeat awards in such a competition.

Please join me in extending hearty congratulations to Robin and his colleagues! Tom T.

May: It is with great pleasure that I announce that Luke Postle, one of our ACO PhD students, has won an NSF Graduate Fellowship. Luke is entering his 3rd year of doctoral work with us and is being supervised by Robin Thomas. Please join me in congratulating Luke on this beautiful award. Congratulations, Luke!!
Luca Dieci

Spring 2009

May: To the School of Mathematics community: The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) has established a SIAM Fellows listing intended to honor members who "are recognized by their peers as distinguished for their contributions to the discipline." Three Georgia Tech faculty are included in the inaugural list of 2009 Fellows:
  • William J. Cook (ISYE)
  • George L. Nemhauser (ISYE)
  • Prasad V. Tetali (Math & CS)
It should be noted that all three are members of our interdisciplinary ACO program! You can find more details and a listing of all honorees at: Please join me in extending hearty congratulations to our colleagues! Tom T.

April: I am very pleased to report that our colleague Liang Peng has been elected to Fellowship in the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. Fellowship is a way of honoring the outstanding research and professional contributions of members, contributions which help keep IMS in a leading role in the field of statistics and probability. Each newly elected Fellow will be welcomed and presented with a plaque at the IMS Annual Meeting during the Joint Statistical Meetings to be held this coming August in Washington DC. Liang joins Christian Houdré and Vladimir Koltchinskii, both of whom were elected to IMS Fellowship in 2004. Please join me in extending hearty congratulations to Liang. Tom T.

April: Silas Alben, Christine Heitsch and Hao-Min Zhou made highly effective presentations to the College of Sciences Advisory Board. They were great representatives of the School of Mathematics, skillfully answering questions and responding to comments from the Board. It was very clear that the Board was highly enthusiastic and appreciative! This meeting was also an opportune time to introduce Doug Ulmer as the next Chair. In addition, Tom Trotter was honored with the College of Sciences Gretzinger Award. The entire SOM team, including Associate Dean Evans Harrell worked hard to position the School as a strong research unit, but also one that understands and embraces our pivotal role here at Georgia Tech. Tom T.

The School of Math will receive a $2,000 donation in recognition of Tom Trotter. This is from the College of Sciences (CoS) Ralph and Jewel Gretzinger "Moving Forward School" Award. The purpose of this award is to recognize the leadership of a School chair or former chair who has played a pivotal role in one or more of these areas: diversifying the (tenure or tenure-track) faculty composition in view of gender or race, creating a family friendly work environment, and providing a supportive environment for junior faculty. The award is named for Ralph and Jewel Gretzinger, whose endowment supports the award. Trotter was recognized with plaque at the CoS Advisory Board Meeting by CoS ADVANCE Professor Wing Li. The School will receive an award of $2,000 intended for but not limited to enhancing activities toward the above-mentioned goals.

April: The Graduate Committee is happy to announce the winners of the School of Mathematics graduate awards. We received several outstanding nominations, in all categories, which witnesses the high level of achievement of our graduate students.

Here, I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to all of our graduate students, who are showing dedication to Mathematics and to their duties in an exemplary manner. Thank you!

And now, the awardees.

  • Outstanding TA Award: Shannon Bishop and Ian Palmer
  • Festa Fellowship Award: Carl Yerger
  • Top Graduate Student Award: Alex Grigo and Hwakil Kim
  • Best PhD Thesis Award: John Pearson and Alessandro Pugliese
Congratulations to all! Luca Dieci.

March: To the School of Mathematics community: I am very pleased to report that two School of Mathematics TA's won CETL/BP Outstanding TA awards for 2008/09:

  • Laura Stiltz - Undergraduate teaching assistant award
  • Selma Yildrim - Lead instructor award
Georgios Amanatidis was the Graduate teaching assistant nominee. Please join me in congratulating Georgios, Laura and Selma! They will be formally recognized at the Student Awards Luncheon held on April 23, 2009. A big thanks behind the scenes to Klara Grodzinsky, who organized the nominating packages and gathered all the supporting materials. Cathy Jacobson assisted with editing all the award packets. This year marks the 5th in a row that one of our math TAs has won the CETL/BP Outstanding TA award. Congratulations to all of our TAs for being the best on campus! Tom T.

March: AJ Friend has won the Phi Kappa Phi cup. This is the top academic honor for graduating seniors on the GT campus. The minimum requirement for the award is a 4.0 GPA, and there were 39 students that met the minimum. The selection of the winner depended upon a record of high scholarly achievement, intellectual sophistication, and research accomplishments. The most recent Mathematics winners that I am aware of are:

  • David Vener (2001 BS, MIT PhD 2006)
  • Vida Blair Dowling (2002 BS, Princeton PhD 2007)
Congratulations AJ! -- Michael Lacey

March: It is with pleasure and pride that I am reporting to you that our former graduate student Adam Marcus, PhD ACO-Math 2008, is a recipient of the 2009 Sigma Xi Best Ph.D. Thesis Award. Congratulations to Adam and to his proud advisor (Prasad)! Luca

March: To the School of Mathematics Community: I am very pleased to report that Sharon McDowell has been named as one of Georgia Tech's 2009 Outstanding Staff Performance Award winners. Sharon will be honored at the Faculty-Staff Honors Luncheon at noon on Wednesday, April 15, 2009. She will receive a plaque and a well-deserved cash prize. Please join me in extending hearty congratulations to Sharon - for all her hard work in support of the School's students, faculty and programs. We are very, very fortunate to have her as a member of our community!! Tom Trotter

January: Nicole Larsen, a senior with majors in both applied mathematics and physics, was recognized by the Association of Women in Mathematics by receiving a Schafer Prize Honorable Mention. She has been involved in two research projects: one on enumerating pseudoknotted RNA secondary structures with Christine Heitsch, the results of which are being prepared for submission, and another in physics. Nicole has also been active in the mathematics community at Tech. She has been an undergraduate teaching assistant for several semesters and was the only undergraduate judge for the 2008 Georgia Tech High School Math Competition. The Schafer Prize link provides a very nice write-up on Nicole.

January: To the School of Mathematics Community: I am extremely pleased to report that two talented young mathematical scientists have received NSF postdoctoral fellowships ... with their sponsoring senior scientists being members of the School of Mathematics faculty:

  • Kevin Costello - Prasad Tetali
  • Valerie Hower - Christine Heitsch
Our records may not be complete, but to the best of my knowledge, Eric Carlen is the only other member of the School of Mathematics faculty who has served as sponsoring senior scientist for an NSF postdoc fellow. Congrats to Kevin and Valerie for the recognition of their talent and potential evidenced by these presitgious awards. And congrats to Prasad and Christine for the honor that comes with service as mentor! Tom T.

January: Adam Marcus (ACO'08), currently Gibbs Assistant Professor at Yale University, was notified that he will receive a National Science Foundation Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship for the next three years. These are among the most prestigious postdoctoral fellowships, with only about 30-35 being awarded annually nationwide. The purpose of these fellowships is to "support future leaders in the mathematical sciences by enabling them to participate in research environments that will have maximal impact on their future scientific development".

Fall 2008

December: It is with great pleasure that I have been informed that Mitch Keller, one of our PhD students, has been selected as one of ten recipients nationwide of the Future Leaders award, sponsored by the Association of American Colleges and Universities: This award "recognizes graduate students who show exemplary promise as future leaders of higher education; who demonstrate a commitment to developing academic and civic responsibility in themselves and others; and whose work reflects a strong emphasis on teaching and learning." I understand that Mitch was one of three students selected by Georgia Tech (across all fields), the only one to be a winner, and he is the only one in the field of Mathematics to be selected among the ten winners nationwide. In fact, no past winner (2006 to today) has been a graduate student in Mathematics, which makes Mitch's selection all the more impressive and important. It is a great honor for Mitch and we are so very proud of him. Congratulations Mitch!! Luca Dieci

October: Please join me in extending hearty congratulations to Professor Doron Lubinsky, who has just been named as the recipient of the 2008 Geoffrey Eichholz Teaching Award! In his personal email announcing the decision, Associate Provost Andy Smith writes: This award is given annually to two faculty members who excel in their teaching of foundation courses at Georgia Tech, courses taken by freshmen and sophomores. The Award consists of a $5,000 prize (either added to your take-home pay or given for professional expenses). If the funds are available, the award stipend will be awarded each year for three years. Doron joins former Eicholz prize award winners Michael Loss and Evans Harrell. Great going! Tom T.

September: ACO Program Faculty Member and Professor of Mathematics and Computing Prasad Tetali has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of the SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, informally known as SIDMA. While maintaining very high standards, SIDMA is also very broad, perhaps the broadest among discrete mathematics journals. Prasad's appointment has been announced following the reports of two SIAM committees charged with charting future direction of the Journal. The committees recommended that "in choosing the next Editor-In-Chief for SIDMA, SIAM should search for a researcher whose own work displays the breadth sought for the journal." Thus it speaks very highly of Prasad's recognition in the Discrete Mathematics community that he was selected to lead the journal for the next term.

September: Danny Arrigo, who earned his PhD here in 1991, has been awarded the 2008 Distinguished Teaching Award by the Oklahoma-Arkansas Section of the MAA. He is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Central Arkansas.

Spring/Summer 2008

July: I am happy to let you know that our PhD-ACO student Carl Yerger has won a prize for student speakers at the 32nd SIAM South-Eastern Atlantic Section Conference held at the University of Central Florida, in March. Well done, Carl! Luca Dieci

June: At the SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics in Vermont, our PhD-ACO student Adam Marcus has received the inaugural 2008 SIAM Denes Konig Prize for a junior researcher for outstanding research in an area of discrete mathematics. Congratulations Adam!! Luca Dieci

April: Photos
Retirement Reception: April 25, 2008
TA Appreciation Reception: April 24, 2008

April: The Graduate Committee has awarded the graduate students awards for the year 2008.

  • Top Graduate Student: Kun Zhao.
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistants: Selma Yildirim and Stephen Young.
  • Festa Fellowship: Ian Palmer and Kun Zhao.
Congratulations to all for a great job! Luca Dieci

March: Dear All, Our PhD student Mitch Keller is one of three TAs across Campus who won the 2008 CETL/BP Outstanding TA Award! Mitch was recognized for "innovative use of teaching methods, mentoring students majoring in math, contributing to a textbook in Combinatorics, and overall clear demonstration of commitment to teaching Georgia Tech's undergraduates and to improving education within the field of mathematics." Congratulations, Mitch! Luca Dieci

To the School of Mathematics Community: I am very pleased to report that Mitch Keller has been named as one of three winners of the 2008 CETL/BP teaching assistant award. Mitch and his two other co-winners will be recognized at the annual Student Awards Luncheon that will be held this year on April 17. Please excuse the academic parental pride but it has been both a privelege and a pleasure to serve as supervisor of Mitch's progress towards a Ph.D. and to have worked alongside him - more as colleague than supervisor - in teaching Math 3012 last year. Best, Tom T.

March: Dear Colleagues, US News has just published its ranking of graduate programs, placing GT Math at #36 nationally, with the discrete and combinatorial group at #7. Congratulations! Evans

March: The Graduate Student Symposium was held yesterday. See Our PhD students Mitch Keller and Stephen Young did very well in the "Oral Presentation" category and won "Best Oral" and "Runner-up" in the College of Sciences. Well done Mitch and Stephen! Luca Dieci

March: I am very pleased to report that our colleague Doron Lubinsky has been named as one of two faculty members selected from the ranks of Engineering and Mathematics units who have played a "vital role in improving the learning environment for female students, and in encouraging positive participation and success." This award is presented by the Women in Engineering society and, he will be honored at their 2008 Excellence Awards Banquet to be held March 27, 2008. Also, Doron will receive a $1500 award! Please join me in extending hearty congratulations to Doron! Tom T.

February: Adam Tart, one of our discrete math majors (who graduated last year), has recently won the highly prestigious George J. Mitchell Scholarship to study in Ireland. He was one of only 12 U.S. undergraduates to receive this award. See weblink for details.

January: To the School of Mathematics Community: Please join me in extending hearty congratulations to our colleague Lew Lefton who has just been named as the winner of the 2008 Administrative Service Award. Lew will be honored at the annual campus-wide awards ceremony that will be held later this spring. Lew's invaluable service as IT Director for both the School of Mathematics and the College of Sciences was cited in the nomination, and we are certainly fortunate to have benefitted from Lew's hard work and enlightened IT leadership since his arrival on campus. CONGRATS Lew!! Tom T.

Dear all, I would like to add my voice to congratulate Lew and all the IT team from our school. Truth is I consider we have a tremendously fine IT team. Every single time I have been in need of any help, I have received their fast, efficient and friendly support that has always solved any problem within minutes. Congratulations Lew, and although the award has Lew's name, I extend my congratulation to Justin, Matt, and all the IT team. Best regards, David Jimenez (SoM Graduate Student)

Congratulations. Math IT works. If something is wrong, it gets fixed. If I have a (sometimes stupid) question, it gets answered. Compare with a (campus wide) IT organization. The difference is night and day. Tom Morley

Fall 2007

December: To the School of Mathematics Community: Check out the front page of today's Metro Section of the AJC for a very nice article on our Distance Calculus program - with Dr. Tom Morley as the Instructor. This is an exceptionally valuable service to the Atlanta area high school system ... as well as a very important recruiting strategy for the Insitute. Kudos to Tom Morley! Tom T.

November: To the School of Mathematics Community: On behalf of the students of Georgia Tech, I would like to extend *hearty* congratulations to Michael Lacey, Matt Baker, Michael Loss, Tom Morley and Enid Steinbart on the news that their MCTP proposal has been recommended for funding by the DMS division of the National Science Foundation. This large scale proposal targets undergraduate students and will enable the School of Mathematics to make substantive advances in a program that is already a national model. The award will be for five years and will draw $730,000. Major Kudos to the co-PI's. Tom T.

November: To the School of Mathematics Community: I am very pleased to report that our colleague Dr. Yuri Bakhtin will receive an NSF CAREER award. These prestigious and highly competitive grants are for a 5-year period and support the recipient's growth and development in research and also as a teacher and mentor. Yuri is the 8th member of the School of Mathematics community to earn this distinction. Previous winners include Saugata Basu, John Etnyre, Mohammad Ghomi, Rob Ghrist, Dana Randall, Chongchun Zeng and Hao-Min Zhou. Please join me in extending to Yuri our heartiest congratulations! Tom Trotter

September: Apollo 13 Astronaut, Captain James Lovell, presented Nicole Larsen with a $10,000 scholarship from the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF) during a public presentation and ceremony on the Georgia Tech campus. Nicole is a double major Mathematics and Physics undergraduate student. See full details. Congratulations Nicole!

September: I am pleased to report that our colleagues:

  • Christine Heitsch, PI: School of Mathematics
  • Stephen Harvey, Co-PI: School of Biology
  • David Bader, Co-PI: College of Computing
have just received a major award from the joint DMS/NIGMS Initiative to Support Research in the Area of Mathematical Biology. Their proposal is titled: "Combinatorial and Computational Methods for the Analysis, Prediction and Design of Viral RNA Structures" and received funding in the amount of $1.04M over five years. It has long been an important goal for the School of Mathematics to broaden and extend its involvement in large-scale collaborative projects like this one. Please join me in extending hearty congratulations to Christine, Stephen and David. Tom T.

Spring 2007

  • Top Graduate Student: Armen Vagharshakyan.
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant: Suleyman Ulusoy.
  • Festa Fellowship: David Jimenez.
February: To the School of Mathematics Community: The good news continues. I am very pleased to report that Mr. George Ander Steele will receive the 2007 Sigma Xi Best Undergraduate Research Award. Ander will receive a plaque and cash award, while our colleague, Dr. Matt Baker, who served as Ander's faculty mentor, will also be honored with a commemorative plaque. These honors will be bestowed at the Sigma Xi banquet on April 9, 2007. Congratulations to Mr. Steele!! And also to Dr. Baker!!

February: To the School of Mathematics Community: I am very pleased to report that our colleague, Dr. Thomas Morley has been honored as the recipient of the 2007 Institute award for "Outstanding Innovative Use of Education Technology." Tom will receive a commemorative plaque *plus* a $7500 award. The nomination materials were prepared by Fred Andrew, and in communicating back the news of the award, Dr. William Hunt, Committee Chair, wrote that his committee was particularly impressed with the outreach to K-12 component of Dr. Morley's work. Congratulations to Tom!!

To the School of Mathematics community: I am very pleased to report that Hao-Min Zhou will receive an NSF Career Award. This is the highest recognition that young scientists, engineers and mathematicians can receive from the NSF. Hao-Min joins four current School of Mathematics faculty who also received NSF Career awards: Saugata Basu, John Etnyre, Mohammad Ghomi and Chongchun Zeng. Former SOM faculty colleagues who also received this award are Dana Randall and Rob Ghrist. Our heartiest congratulations to Hao-Min! Tom T.

February:To the School of Mathematics Community, I am very pleased to report that Matt Baker has been selected as the recipient of the 2007 CETL/BP Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Award. Previously, Matt was awarded the 2005 Class of 1969 Teaching Fellow Award. Congratulations to Matt for another signal honor! Tom T.

Fall 2006

November: Professor Evans Harrell was awarded the distinction of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellow for contributions to the study of spectra associated with partial differential equations, particularly gaps and lower bounds for eigenvalues of Schrodinger operators. AAAS is the world's largest scientific body and publishes the noted journal "Science." The tradition of AAAS Fellows is time honored and can be traced back to 1874.

Spring 2006

  • Top Graduate Student: Adam Marcus.
  • Best Phd Thesis: Rafal Komendarczyk and Serguei Norine.
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistants: Christel Hohenegger and Torsten Inkmann.
  • Festa Fellowship: Mitch Keller.

March: To all members of the School of Mathematics Community: More great news on the accomplishments of our faculty: Enid Steinbart will receive Georgia Tech's 2006 Outstanding Undergraduate Academic Advisor Award. The award will be presented at the Annual Faculty/Staff Honors Luncheon on Wednesday, April 12, 2006. Enid's extensive and valued role in support of our undergraduate program is well known here in the School of Mathematics, so we are especially pleased that is has also been recognized at the Institute level.
Congratulations to Enid!
Tom T.

January: Hello All: Check out the January 17 Whistle and the article on page 2 about Tom Morley and our K-12 efforts. Tom is teaching a third semester calculus class here on our campus and has 34 high school students from 5 different schools enrolled in his class through distance learning. This is a pilot project partnering with Fulton County schools. The distance learning approach makes good sense and enables us to serve talented high school students who have taken everything their respective schools have to offer.
Kudos to Tom M!
William T. Trotter, Chair

January: Colleagues: I am pleased to report that Evans Harrell has been named as one of two recipients for the Geoffrey G. Eichholz Teaching Award. This award is intended to recognize faculty for excellence in teaching core undergraduate courses in the sciences, mathematics, humanities and social sciences. The prize consists of a $5,000/year salary supplement for three years. The Eichholz prize was established two years ago, and Evans joins Michael Loss as one of the first recipients. Hearty congratulations to Evans!
Tom T.

Fall 2005

November 7: To the School of Mathematics Community: I am pleased to report that the School of Mathematics has won the 2005 Regents' Teaching Excellence Award. The award was given for the School's Mathematics Teaching Assistants Development Program, and the presentation, to include a $5,000 prize, will be made in early spring at the next meeting of the Board of Regents. Some hard working folks are the real stars behind this effort and deserve the lion's share of the credit for this award:
  • Rena Brakebill
  • Klara Grodzinsky
  • Cathy Jacobson
Everyone knows of Rena's extensive contributions to our undergraduate program, but Klara and Cathy play pivotal roles in the Teaching Assistants Development program for undergraduate and international TA's respectively. As graduate director, Evans Harrell has played an important leadership role while Genola Turner has been the key staff support person.
Congratulations to all!
Tom T.

October 19: Congratulations to Robin Thomas for being invited to give a 45 minute section lecture (Combinatorics) at the 2006 International Congress of Mathematicians in 2006. See

October 1: Konstantin Mischaikow's mathematics has been energized to the tune of $1 million. The Georgia Tech professor believes mathematics is the key to production of clean energy, manufacturing of ever-smaller computer chips and development of nanomaterials. Read more.

Spring 2005

February 26 : There were approximately 375 participants at the 2005 Georgia Tech High School Mathematics Competition this year. Over 75 students, faculty, staff, and alumni volunteered to make this a very successful event. We received scholarships and financial assistance from Invesco and Ed White at Lehman Brothers. Pi Mu Epsilon would like to thank these departments for their generous assistance - School of Mathematics, College of Sciences, Undergraduate Admission, Student Financial Planning and Services, CEISMC, Auxiliary Services, and SPAARC. The winner's list along with the schedule of events will be posted at

Please contact Alan Michaels, the Pi Mu Epsilon's President, at alan.michaels[at] if you have any questions.

More kudos for Math Folks:

Leonid Bunimovich was awarded a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award by the Alexander von Homboldt Foundation in Germany. He was also named a Fellow of the Institute of Physics.

I am pleased to report that our colleague Serge Guillas is a member of a multi-disciplinary research team that has just received the 2005 Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award from the EPA. This award is intended to recognize exceptional leadership, personal dedication, and technical achievements in protecting the Earth's stratospheric ozone layer. Since its inception in 1990, this award has been presented to 477 individuals, organizations and teams from 40 different countries. Serge's research team is known informally as the "Tiger Team". Membership has evolved over time as projects are started and completed. Here is a full listing of the Tiger Team as it stood earlier this year.

Our IT team headed by Lew Lefton, Diego Remolina and Justin Filoseta has just received the 2005 Georgia Tech Best Practices Challenge Award. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) was the runner-up. Check out the web page at: and scan to the bottom for more information. Diego is now heading up the IT operations for IBB, so the great work of this group will be more broadly spread across the campus.
Tom T.

One of our undergraduate students, Steven Lansel, has just received the Sigma Xi Award for Undergraduate Research. He is well deserving of this honor. Congratulations to Steven and his research advisors, Mason and Lyonia, as well as all of you who take the effort to make our undergraduate research program one of the best in the institute, for the outstanding job!

Michael Loss has been chosen as one of the inaugural recipients for an honorarium from the Eichholz Faculty Teaching Fund. Honorariums from this Teaching Fund will be annual salary supplements that recognize tenured or tenure-track professors based upon a long-term contribution to undergraduate teaching at Georgia Tech and for their primary focus on undergraduate education in the later stages of their career. For the full story, see the January 18 Whistle.

Fall 2004

Hello All, External recognition of the singular achievements of members of the School of Mathematics family continues to pour in ... a ringing tribute to the talent and energy exhibited throughout the halls of Skiles. Here are three recent examples.
  1. Christian Houdré has been named a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. Professor Houdré received the award for his outstanding work in the theories and applications of non-stationary, non-Gaussian processes, wavelet transforms, and isoperimetric inequalities. Each Fellow nominee is assessed by a committee of his/her peers for the award. In 2004, after reviewing 37 nominations, 12 were selected for Fellowship. Created in 1933, the Institute of Mathematical Statistics is a member organization which fosters the development and dissemination of the theory and applications of statistics and probability. The IMS has 3800 active members throughout the world. Approximately 10% of the IMS membership has earned the status of fellowship.
    A copy of the official notification is attached. Congrats to Christian!
  2. The September 2004 issue of the Notices of the AMS prominently features the work of Peter Mucha, Mason Porter and Thomas Callaghan. This is a fantastic example of "vertical integration" as it involves a collaboration between a faculty member, a VIGRE postdoc and a Georgia Tech undergrad. Kudos to all three! A copy of the Notices article is also attached as a pdf file.
  3. Jeff Steif, now at Chalmers, recently was awarded the Goran Gustafsson Prize in mathematics for his work in "probability theory and ergodic theory and their applications" by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The award, which is given out every year in each of mathematics, physics, chemistry, molecular biology and medicine to a Swedish university scientist consists of a personal prize of 100,000 Sek and a grant for 4.5 million Sek. We continue to follow Jeff's accomplishments and congratulate him on his latest achievement. Perhaps one day, the cold weather of Sweden plus the warm and friendly environs of Atlanta and Georgia Tech will prompt Jeff to come back to the School of Mathematics. Regardless, we celebrate this great news and wish Jeff and his family continued happiness.
  4. Liang Peng has just received a Humboldt Fellowship, which will support a 6 month's stay in Germany within the next year. Incidentally, as most of you know, Liang got a 3 year NSF grant this past spring. Subsequently, he was informed that the NSA was prepared to fund him as well.
  5. Hao-Min Zhou has just received a 3 year NSF grant. This is great news for our young colleague just starting his second year at Georgia Tech.
    Congratulations to Liang and Hao-Min!
  6. Check out the April 2004 issue of the Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations! This issue is the first of three dedicated to our colleague Shui-Nee Chow and includes articles by a number of leading figures in this field. You may also enjoy reading the short biography written by Jack Hale.
    Congratulations to Shui-Nee!
Tom T.

Spring 2004

I am pleased to report that Rena Brakebill, our Assistant Undergraduate coordinator, has just received the 2003-2004 Georgia Tech USG Faculty of the Year award from the Undergraduate Student Government. Congratulations to Rena for this honor! It is richly deserved.
Tom T.

Spring 2004, March 20

The High School Mathematics Competition was held this Saturday. It was an all day event, that attracted over 250 high school students. Several thousand dollars of scholarships tenable at Georgia Tech were handed out.

By any measure, this was an outstanding success. A great deal of the effort to organize this large event fell to Alan Michaels, graduate student and president of Pi Mu Epsilon.

Also making very substantial contributions are the other officers of PME, Stephanie Bent, Patty Pichardo, as well as Rena Brakebill, Yang Wang, and Annette Rohrs. I am sure there are some that I am missing, my apologies to them in advance. As well, a large number of undergraduates, graduate students and professors contributed time to talk to the parents and teachers, and administer and grade exams.
--Michael Lacey
An interesting write-up

Fall 2003

Bertrand Guenin, our former postdoc, won the Fulkerson prize this year.
Blair Dowling, recent mathematics graduate, receives a New Homeland Security Fellowship.

Congrats on Technology Fee Award: Colleagues: I am pleased to report that the School of Mathematics will be rolling out a new computer lab next spring, literally. Thanks to an award of student technology fee funds to a proposal with Peter Mucha, Lew Lefton, Shui-Nee Chow and Yang Wang as PI's, the School will be building a mobile wireless computer lab. The lab will consist of a rolling cart equipped with 32 laptops running Linux, a wireless router, a projector, and a color printer. The mobile lab can temporarily convert any classroom into a state-of-the-art computing lab! Thanks and congratulations to Peter, Lew, Shui-Nee and Yang for their efforts.       Tom T.

Summer 2003

Congratulations to Mohammad Ghomi who has recently been awarded a $400,000 NSF CAREER award.

Please join me in congratulating Tom Morley and Rena Brakebill who have been recognized by the Student Ambassadors program: Tom's award is "most likely to win a Nobel prize" while Rena's is "go the extra mile." It speaks well of our colleagues and the School of Mathematics when Georgia Tech students single them out for such recognition. Good work, Tom and Rena!!     William T. Trotter, Chair

Spring 2003

Please join me in extending congratulations to Saugatu Basu, who has just received notification that he has been named an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow. This fellowship carries an unrestricted grant in the amount of $40,000 to be used as Saugatu feels best supports his research. Well done and richly deserved! Tom T.

Spring 2002

Congratulations to Rena!
Since 1942, and annually since 1947, the ANAK Society has given this award to a faculty member at Georgia Tech who has demonstrated outstanding service to the Institute and to the student body through teaching, research, advisement, and general involvement in campus life. Presented each spring, this award is unique in that it is the only award given at the Faculty/Staff Honors Luncheon which is decided solely by students.

Previous Recipients of the ANAK Award
2002 -- L. Rena Brakebill, Professor of Mathematics
1982 -- Marvin S. Sledd, Regents' Professor of Mathematics
1950 -- David M. Smith, Professor and Director of Mathematics

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