2009 Georgia Tech High School Mathematics Competition

The 2009 High School Mathematics Competition at Georgia Tech was held on 28 February 2009, on the Georgia Tech campus. The HSMC is open to students enrolled in grades 8-12 and combines challenging examinations in mathematical problem solving and reasoning with the opportunity for a fun day at Georgia Tech.

Registration for the 2009 HSMC is now closed. Payment for pre-registration needs to be postmarked by 6 February 2009. We will not accept any more pre-registrations. There will, however, be a limited number of spaces available for on-site registration the day of the competition. On-site registration will be $30 and will begin at 0730 on the morning of the competition. If you plan to register on-site, please arrive early. On 25 February 2009, we will post here a minimum number of on-site registration slots that will be available. Additional spaces may become available in the event that pre-registered students do not attend. While we cannot make any guarantees about the availability of on-site registration spaces, we have had sufficient spaces for those who wished to register on-site in recent years.

March 2, 2009 Update

Please take a couple minutes to fill out our post-competition survey about the Georgia Tech High School Math Competition. We would like your feedback on how the day went and any suggestions on how we can improve the competition for next year.

February 27, 2009 Update

News Release Template (Word document)

February 23-25, 2009 Update

The number of on-site registration slots will be at least 26 this year. We anticipate this will be enough to accommodate all those who have emailed us inquiring about the availability of additional registration slots but cannot guarantee that to be the case.

Detailed registration information

February 20, 2009 Update

Individual Model Release Forms: In order to ensure we have high-quality photographs of this year's HSMC, we will have the Georgia Tech photographer present throughout the day, especially for the awards session. To use any photographs, we require a signed "model release" for each individual. A signed model release is not a requirement to participate in the HSMC, but we would appreciate your cooperation. Students who are 18 years of age or older can sign their own model release, while others must have a parent/guardian sign. Please turn in signed model releases when checking in. If a parent/guardian signs for a minor, please clearly print the student's name on the model release form. (We encourage coaches who will attend the HSMC to submit signed model releases as well.) Please let us know if you have any questions about this process.

February 6, 2009 Updates

Competition Day Lunch Alternatives

  • Lunches will be provided for the competing student and coaches, provided we receive advance notice of the coach's lunch preference.
  • Parents, other family members, and other teachers will need to make plans to bring a lunch or visit one of the restaurants on our list of lunch alternatives.
The official Competition rules have been updated.

Please be sure to review what's New for 2009.